A successful exibition weekend in Belgium and Netherlands is finnished / BE / NL

2009-04-25 00:00 by Karsten Bürkle

Bonny (Bon Triumph Virginia) was successfully shown this weekend on two dogshows. On saturday 25th we've been in Belgium at "11th AMBIORIXTROFEE" in Genk (Belgium) and on Sunday 26th we shown her at the "Dogshow Goes 2009" in Goes (Netherlands).

As we usual do, we started at the day before with our motorhome to the first place of issue. Arriving there we had to realise that a village fair took place directly beside the parkingplace of the exibitionhall. This was the best requirement for enjoying the silence of the night together with our dogs.
Next morning we had to rise up as early as every time we are on exibitions and the day already started at 5 o'clock in the morning with taking our dogs for walkies. Round about eight, we entered the 'LIMBURGHAL' where the dog show occured. Getting in, we figured out, that the judge (Mr. August de Wilde / Belgium) had to judge more then 100 Dog in different dog breeds. The Chow Chows had been one of the last races to be jugded. When it was our turn to start in the ring, everything was running as required. Bonny was in excellent condition and she ran like an angle. So she got the qualification EXCELLENT 1, BEST JUNIOR and AMBIORIX JUNIORWINNER 2009. At the end of the day, Bonny went in the Ring Of Honnour. Something very strange happened there. There had been a lot of young dogs ( must be over 50 Juniors) and Bonny nearly at the very end of the row within the prering. Beginning the presentation the first dogs ran into the Ring Of Honnour, but when reaching the end, there was not enought space in the ring for all dogs to enter.
After this exibition, we went back to our mobile doghouse and we stored away all our stuff and dogs. After a short moment of snuggling and some walkies with our dogs, we started to our next travel destination.
Approximately 1 1/2 hour later we arrived at Goes in the Netherlands. It was still quite early in the afternoon, so there was enought time for walking and feeding the dogs. Next morning the same procedure as every show morning starts again and about 8 o'clock we've on the way in the hall again. Lilly (Nin-T'Sun Zang-Li de la Creme) was not registered for starting at this show. It would'nt make any sense, because she already have enought CAC's in the netherland. Never the less, she came with us into the hall. The rings inside where uncarpeted and it looks like some dogs would have problems with this situation. Bonny (Bon Triumph Virginia) tested the floor inside. She was pleased with it. So did I. As usual, we shared the ring with a lot of different other races and about noon it was time for us to start judging. The jugde was Mr. R. Campbell from Norway. Bonny got into the ring and she managed the show like we like it. She was ranked with EXCELLENT 1 and CAC. In the BOB (Best of Breed) competition she was ranked as BEST BITCH and BOS (Best of Opposit Sex).
We are feeling very confident with the results of this weekend and we returned home with a good feeling.

Ergebnisse 25. April 2009 / Results April 25th 2009
Ambiorix Dogshow Genk / BE

Bon Triumph Virginia
Breeder: Marina Vekovischeva
Jugendklasse / Juniorclass
Vorzüglich 1 / Excellent 1e
Bester Junghund  / BEST JUNIOR
Ambiorix Juniorwinner 2009

Ergebnisse 26. April 2009 / Results April 26th 2009
Dogshow Goes 2009 / NL

Bon Triumph Virginia
Züchter: Marina Vekovischeva
Jugendklasse / Juniorclass
Vorzüglich 1 / Excellent 1e
Beste Hündin  / BEST BITCH

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