International Dog Show in Sopot, Poland

2010-08-14 00:00 by Karsten Bürkle

This weekend we visited an international dog show in Sopot / Poland. According to the still very bad weather for this outdoor event, we went with a slightly queasy feeling there, but we expected a sunny, late summer weather.

Bon Triumph Zara / Chow ChowOn Friday afternoon before the event, we took our entire herd to the east, to visit the International Dog Show in Sopot on the outskirts of Gdansk (formerly Danzig). The exhibition was held on the grounds of the racecourse in Sopot. Due to the massive area of the venue, the exhibition rings were pretty big. Even the ground was nice and firm, so the dogs accounts quite well run on it. After the intense rains of the days before, Bon Triumph 
Zara / Chow Chowwe had expected muddy ground and were therefore somewhat surprised that the soil was very dry and grippy.

At this event our dogs had been judged by Zlatko Kraljic / CRO. Zara (Zara Bon Triumph) was rated with very promising 1 and a number of compliments and  was got BEST PUPPY . So she got her invitation to the main ring for the afternoon show.Bon Triumph Zara / Chow Chow

Bonny (Bon Triumph Virginia) started in the open class. Together with three other dogs, she was there, assessed by the judge. After careful review, she won her class and received an EXCELLENT 1 and CAC. In the final competition she got CACIB and BOB (Best of Breed). So she got also her ticket in the main ring.Bon Triumph Virginia / 
Chow Chow

It was still quite early in the day and the time was up to the start of the competitions in the main ring still long. So we made ourselves comfortable together with our dogs and we were sitting in the sun. Shortly after 3 pm the BIS competions started and Zara (Zara Bon Triumph) was the first of our dogs in the main ring. She made a really good show and Bon Triumph Virginia / Chow Chowshowed that she can compete with the fast dogs of other breeds in terms of gait. Unfortunately, She doesn't  got to the podium this time, but participation alone and her appearance were worth it.Bon Triumph Virginia / Chow Chow

Then Bonny (Bon Triumph Virginia) started  in the main ring in group V. She made a beautiful appearance. Bon Triumph Zara / Chow ChowAlthough she received no position on the podium, it was as always great to run with her before a large audience in the main ring.

All in all it was a successful show and we drove home at the evening ..... No question: All dogs ware happy when we were back home again!

 Bon Triumph Zara / Chow Chow

CACIB Sopot, Poland 14th August 2010


Open Class

Excellent 1






Puppy Class

Very Promising 1

Best PuppyBon Triumph Virginia / Chow ChowBon Triumph Zara / Chow ChowBon Triumph Virginia / Chow Chow

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