1. International Dogshow in Dresden / DE 2010

2010-04-10 00:00 by Karsten Bürkle


After a longer time this was the first time we went to a dogshow in Germany. At this weekend we diagonally drove through Germany. By our standards it was only a very short trip. But also less arduously.

Bon Triumph Virginia Chow ChowWe visited this dogshow the fourth time, but this time it was the first time an International CACIB- Show.

This change reflects in the number of registrations for this show. Also the parking- place for the mobilhomes at the exibitionhall was already nearly complete occupied when we arrived.

For this reason we walked to the fairground hall very early at the morning of the exibition. So we got a really got place for all our equipment directly at the ring.Bon Triumph Virginia Chow Chow

The first of our dogs going to the ring was Bonny (Bon Triumph Virginia). She started together with another bitch in the Intermediate Class. The judge pointed out, that Virginia was in extremely good grooming condition and she likes her friendly mind. It seemed, that she was not satisfied with the condition and presentation of the Chow Chows shown before. Bonny played on her strengths. She was walking and running in the ring at her best. She walked fast at slack rope.

She got: EXCELLENT 1 and CAC/VdH

The next of our dogs going in the ring was Lilly (Nin-T'Sun Zag-Li de la Creme). She was with 5 additional bitches in the ring in Openclass. Very patient she waited until it was on her turn. She was also judged as in excellent grooming condition and in best mind and so she also got a super result: EXCELLENT 2 and res. CAC/VdH.

Even if none of our two dogs got CACIB or res. CACIB, we'd been really satisfied with this results of the show and so wie returned back on our short way back home.

 Nin T'Sun  Zang-Li de la Creme Chow ChowNin T'Sun Zang-Li de la Creme Chow Chow


International Dogshow in Dresden/DE at

Judge Mrs. Elsbeth Clerck / CH



Bitches Intermediate class

Bon Triumph Virginia



Bitches Open Class

Nin-T`sun Zang-Li de la Creme

res. CAC/VdH

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Comment by madeleine frees | 2010-04-13

Congratulation to this result.
I like the articles, which you are publishing. I like to read more of this.

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