Înternational Dogshow in Luxembourg

2010-03-28 00:00 by Karsten Bürkle


This exibition was a test to check out, how sovereign our new babies Bon Triumph Jean and Bon Triumph Zara would be in the ring with a judge, which is famous about her hard judges. But at the end of this weekend, we can be delighted with the results

Bon Triumph Jean / Chow ChowAfter a quiet long exibition break, this weekend we drove to Luxembourg to the International Spring Dogshow. With our motorhome we arrived early in the evening at the parking place of the exibitionhall (LUSEXPO). Like everytime, it was not the ideal situation for take the dogs for walkies.



At the morning of the exibition, it runs like everytime. I brought all our stuff into the hall and Sabine prepared the dogs for show.

Within ithe exibitionhall, it was the same situation as every year in Luxembourg. It was much too short of space and at the place, where we put our equipment, we can't see the ring, where our Chow Chow should be judged. So it was nearly impossible to follow up the show.

Bon Triumph Jean / Chow Chow

The first of our dogs to be judged was Jonny (Bon Triumph Jean). From my point of view, he had the hardest lot. With him (... and Sabine as his handler) another beautiful black baby was in the ring and his handler was Fabrizio Manni. One of the most famous professional handler in Europe (called Mr .Greenshoe)

Until five minutes before entering the ring, we made some jokes with him, that he will lose today;... but nobody really takes this seroius... Nor we.

Sabine and Jonny (Bon Triumph Jean) did their best.

And Jonny made a great job in the ring. He was walking / running like he never did anything else and also the teethcontrol was perfekt.

And the incredible happens ! He was ranked VERY PROMISSING 1 and got BEST BABY MALE.


The next of our dogs to enter the ring was Zari (Bon Triumph Zara). With her fresh mind and her gait precise like a sewing machine, she impressed the judge also Bon Triumph Jean / Chow Chowand got Very Promissing 1 and BEST BABY FEMALE. With this result, both of our Chow Chow babies got the ticket the ring of honnour.

Bonny (Bon Triumph Virginia) started in the intermediateclass. She was in the ring together with Pei Fang Eyecatcher.

Both presented themself excellent and very professional. At the end only details tips the scales. Bonny got EXCELLENT, but she stood at Place 2. Additional she got res. CACL. Nevertheless it was a great success, because her competitor is a wonderful dog and this judge mostly gives only one EXCELLENT to the first place within a group ... if any, because she also gives VG on place one, if she wants.

At least Lilly (Nin- T'Sun Zang-Li de la Creme) started in the Open Class. It's everytime great to see, that a dog like her, which was very shy in her girlhood, can develop to a really souvereign young bitch. Now you can see, how much fun she has, running with Sabine in the ring presenting a super show.

And so, she got a evaluation, which reflects this: EXCELLENT 1 and CACL.Bon Triumph Zara / Chow Chow

In the final CACIB- competition Bonny (Bon Triumph Virginia) got the res. CACIB and at the end of the show, there was the entrance in the mainring of our babies.

The judge seemed to prefere other type of dogs, even if the babies made a good show. But that's normal in the mainring and most of the dogs will never come to the winner's podium in their life.

Now it was time to drive home again and after only a few hours, we arrived back home. In the same night our pack conquered the garden and played in the floodlight. Comming home is the best.




International Dogshow in Luxembourg/LUX at March-28-2010
Judge: Mrs. Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen/FIN


 Bon Triumph Zara / Chow Chow


Dogs Babyclass black/blue
Bon Triumph Jean


Bitches Babyclass red and other colors

Bon Triumph ZaraBon Triumph Zara / Chow Chow


Bitches Intermediateclass red and other colors

Bon Triumph Virginia

res. CACL

res. CACIB


Bitches Openclass red and other colors

Nin-T`sun Zang-Li de la Creme




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Comment by Fran Wollam | 2010-04-01

Beautiful babies. Gratulations to this results

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