Summerbreak is over

2009-08-01 00:00 by Karsten Bürkle

This year our Chow- pack and we made a long summerbreak. But this doesn't mean, that we don't work intensivly with our dogs in the meantime. During this time we made a lot of activities with the pack. We visited our dog obidience school and there we celebrate a summer party with our friends. Also the new exibition year has to be prepared. The most important events where the breeding approval for our young bitch 'Bon Triumph Virginia' and the tricky preparation for the arrival of our new rud 'Bon Triumph Dior'.

Bon Triumph Dior Chow ChowAfter the last exibition year, we decided to take a longer leave. The résumé of the last year of exibition was really excellent and we decided to concentrate on other events, which we want to do with the dogs.
The most important event was the arrival of our new menber of the pack 'Bon Triumph Dior'. He was born in Russia/ Moscow  on April-20-2009. But it is still complicate to get this dog transferred from Russia to Germany. At least we decided not to transfer him by plane and so he came by the overland route.
The second very important point was the breeding approval for Bonny 'Bon Triumph Virginia'. Under the two specialbreedjudges Heidi Liebig- Luchs and Waltraud Reibert she got her Permanent Breeding Approval. With her excellent Hipdisplasy diagnosis (HD A / No Hip Dysplasia) and her healthy elbow (ED0 / No Elbow Dysplasia) we hope, that she will make a little contribution towards the breed of Chow Chows.
Bon Triumph Dior Chow Chow
There where a lot more activities on our 'what to do list' and one of the highligts was the summerparty at our dog obidience school in the very north of Germany.
But now it's time again to start the new saison and the first exibitions are already done. And we are pleased to meet friends on national and international exibitions everywhere in Europe.

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