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Archiv Yellowfield- News August 2010

2010-08-22 00:00 by Karsten Bürkle

International Dogshows DUODANUBE I + II in Bratislava

Once again we traveled to Bratislava to participate at two international dogshows. This time it was our main goal , to recieve the last missing CAC for our bitch Bon Triumph Virginia, which was needed to get the Slovakian Championship and of course we wanted to get a starting point for a Slovakian junior champion in the form of a Junior CAC (CAJC) for our Jonny (Bon Triumph Jean).

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2010-08-14 00:00 by Karsten Bürkle

International Dog Show in Sopot, Poland

This weekend we visited an international dog show in Sopot / Poland. According to the still very bad weather for this outdoor event, we went with a slightly queasy feeling there, but we expected a sunny, late summer weather.

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2010-08-01 00:00 by Karsten Bürkle

National and International Dog Show in Bremen

This weekend we showed our Jonny (Bon Triumph Jean) on an International and a National Dog Show in Bremen. It was an extremely short trip (from our point of view), so we started both days early in the morning directly from home.

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